I’ve had this idea for an ongoing thing that I’d love to see from people: “The Required Reading of You”, for a little while. I think curating a list of readings that have affected your professional life will help others (and you!) see a bit of the bigger picture of what drives you. When Chad launched this Open Pedagogy Playlist, it seemed to be a really nice fit. Chad was cool and made a new category for it on here called R.R.O.Y. so I figure I should try to get this ball rolling!

So here we go. This is me making my “mixtape” of readings that have excited me and driven me towards the work that I do. I’m going with just 5 readings for now. I started to write short descriptions of why these items appear here, but I stopped because I think it was messing with the experience. I’d rather just listen to a mixtape someone gave me first, without hearing the rationale. We can talk about that in the comments if you’re interested.

  1. A Personal Cyberinfrastructure– Gardner Campbell
  2. Beneath the Cobblestones… A Domain of One’s Own – Audrey Watters
  3. My Open Textbook: Pedagogy and Practice – Robin DeRosa
  4. Just Listen – Chuck Pearson
  5. Why I Love Bees – Jane McGonigal

If you want to chat about why I’ve picked these, let me know! I’d absolutely love to see your R.R.O.Y. list!

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

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